Building the Church in Mission Land

August 6 & 7

Building the Church in Mission Land, USA: Fr.Frank Ruff of the Glenmary Home Missioners will speak
at our Masses on August 6 & 7, sharing about Glenmary’s missionary efforts, which focus on serving the spiritual and material needs of people right here in the US! Hundreds of counties in the United States do not have a Catholic church or resident priest. This means no celebration of the Eucharist, no sacraments, or a parish community in which to find fellowship and support. Glenmary Home Missioners is working hard to fill that void— to bring the love of Jesus and His Church to the small towns and rural areas of our nation. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to learn more about their outreach in Appalachia and the rural South. We invite you to share your prayers and financial support for this important ministry. Thank you for your generosity. Fr. Ruff will also offer the August First Friday and First Saturday Masses.