Financial Report

October 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020

Holy Trinity
Income 20,190.91
Expense 12,136.81
Net 8,054.10
Budgeted Income 12,402.00
Budgeted Expense 11,785.71
Budgeted Net 616.29

St. Columbkill
Income 35,312.47
Expense 14,741.86
Net 20,570.61
Budgeted Income 16,527.00
Budgeted Expense 13,124.46
Budgeted Net 3,402.54

St. Mary
Income 22,173.79
Expense 17,574.91
Net 4,598.88
Budgeted Income 15,788.75
Budgeted Expense 15,085.71
Budgeted Net 703.04

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