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COVID Update

Dear Parishioners, All COVID mandatory restrictions have been lifted for the Twin Cities at the recommendation of the Center for Disease Con-trol ( CDC ) since the risk level in this area is "Low". The Arch-diocese has followed suit and has lifted all liturgical restrictions, but still recommends vigilance with regard to sanitary prac-tices. It is still a good thing for families, especially with smaller children, and altar servers, to wash their hands before coming to Mass, or using sanitizing lotion upon entering church. Please be aware that, prior to the COVID pandemic, during the flu and cold season pastors have at times asked people not to make the sign of peace. Now there can be the sign of peace, but I would ask that you respect those who only want to wave or bow and not touch others, possibly because of feeling sick or having been exposed to someone who was sick, or taking pre-cautions. Also, in the past, people began reaching out to hold hands for the Lord's prayer, but that practice is not liturgical cor-rect, and not only for sanitary reasons, but because it distracts the worshippers from concentrating on the prayer to God our Father. Finally, I want to thank everyone for their patience, cooperation and prayers for those of us who became ill, and in some cases seriously ill, with COVID-19. Recently I tested positive with a home test kit, and then I tested negative through the Mayo Clinic testing site on Wednesday, and then again tested negative with another home testing kit on Thursday. However, I still have cold symptoms with a bad cough, probably due to allergies. I will use my best discretion to serve at the altar or not. Perhaps only one Mass on Sunday.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Thomas McCabe

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