Parish Council Minutes

MINUTES –3/15/21

Present were Bob Eppen, Chris O’Reilly, Karen Albers, Henry Keller, Jean Schulte, Randy Nardinger, Steve Welscher, Sara McNamara, and Fr. Kasel.


Meeting was called to order by Bob Eppen via Zoom.


Opening prayer by Fr. Kasel.  Minutes from previous meeting were read. Motion to approve by Henry Keller and seconded by Chris O’Reilly. Motion carried.

Old Business

o None


New Business

o Need to discuss at next meeting the picnic and who is hosting.


Clergy Updates

o Father Kasel and Father McCabe have been busy thru Lent. Confession participation has been good.

o Father Kasel and Father McCabe have been taking some vacation.

o Schedule for Easter will remain the same as usual. Schedule will be mailed out to each household.


Church Updates

o Holy Trinity

Light on east entrance works but needs to be turned on.

Light is needed at west entrance of church so people can see curbing when leaving in the dark. Light could possibly be turned on with motion detector.

Paint curb with stripes so easier to see the curb.

Water runoff from foundation is being watched.


o St. Mary’s

Shrubs removed in front of church. New landscaping will be done in spring. Open to ideas!

Wi-Fi extender needed yet for connection to thermostats.

Need to pick up handicap signs from Bruce McNamara. Will do in spring. o St. Columbkill

Jean Schulte gave update that prints have been delivered and are finished.

Old stations may be available to parishioners.

Building project is back on hold due to high material costs. Almost 80K is building fund. Estimated cost is 192K.

Cement needs some work.


Faith Formation

o 1st Confessions have been completed with thirteen students from this year and two from last year.

o Confirmation class has 16 students.

o Only 6 classes left this year.

o Dorothy Day House is scheduled for March 24th for junior and seniors.

o Teachers are doing a great job with all the challenges.

o Father Kasel will be administering confirmations.


Finance Update by Bob Eppen

o Church finances are looking amazing.

o Father Kasel is pleased with the donations throughout the pandemic.


Next Meeting is May 17th, 2021.


Closing Prayer by Father Kasel.


Motion to adjourn meeting. Motion carried.

Submitted by Steve Welscher

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