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Dear Parishioners


We have distributed the Rice Bowl to each of our Faith Formation students. We do have some extra Rice Bowls for you to take home with you. We ask that you enter into the Season of Lent by saying extra prayers, abstaining from certain foods or things (in consultation with the compassionate regulations of the Church and your care giver), and participating in almsgiving – giving money to the poor.
The Rice Bowl provides you that opportunity to give alms to the poor by putting some money in the Rice Bowl throughout Lent and then returning it to the Church on Wednesday, April 3.
Extra prayer, abstaining from good things so that we can give alms to the poor is a way to show our love for Jesus who suffered and died on the Cross to enrich us with his divine life of grace. Lent is a time to follow Jesus Christ more closely within his Church, so that we can reach out to people and help them know God‟s love and compassion for them. Hopefully, they will then want to become a member or more active member of our Catholic Church and bring Jesus‟ love and compassion to others.
Peace in Christ,
Fr. Thomas McCabe

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