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Only God knows.

Why do things happen the way they

do? Was I predestined to be here?

Is there such a thing as

“predestination”? Predestination of

people and events is a profound

mystery of our Christian faith.

We believe that God sees and

knows all, and to the extent that we

share in his life we begin to increase

our knowledge, even foreknowledge,

but never reach God’s

perfect knowledge. Only God

knows all the options and tendencies

of people’s choices, and the

ultimate outcome of history. Predestination

is caught up in cause and

effect, the nature of God’s creation

and his plan of salvation. For example,

If I eat well and exercise, I will

be healthier than if I do not. If I am

baptized, pray, fast, give alms to the

poor and study the Catholic Christian

faith I will grow spiritually.

As the Catechism of the Catholic

Church states, no one is predestined

to hell, but it is up to us to choose to

follow Jesus Christ into heaven.

Only one human person always

chose to say “Yes” to God perfectly

-the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The predestination of the Blessed

Virgin Mary and her assumption

body and soul into heaven is the

greatest predestination. God created

Mary without Original Sin, much

like Adam and Eve (both of whom

fell from grace, thus Original Sin),

in order that she would share everything

with her divine Son, Jesus

Christ – the new Adam – who

chose Mary to be his Mother. He

took his flesh from her so that we

could share in God’s divine life of

grace and salvific service to mankind

by uniting ourselves to Christ,

the Incarnate Word of God, as

Mary did by saying “Yes” to

God’s divine will.

Thus, we celebrate the feast of the

Assumption of Mary, August 15,

by recalling how Mary’s predestination

is the destination of all who

follow the faith of her divine Son,

Jesus Christ, the divine head of the

Catholic Church, with the help of

Mary’s intercessory prayer.

Although Mary’s Assumption was

held by early Christians, it was

November 1, 1950 that Pope Pius

XII defined this doctrine as a

dogma which must be held by

every Catholic as a central and

thus pivotal doctrine of divine

faith. We believe this dogma because

God has revealed it as such,

for the purpose of having us reflect

on the destiny to which God calls

each person. Our souls and our

bodies are created to be temples of

the Holy Spirit, just as Mary’s was

and is perfectly so in the fullness

of heaven.

From the apostolic constitution

Munificentissimus Deus by Pope

Pius XII we read: “In

their homilies and

sermons on this feast the

fathers and great doctors

spoke of the assumption of the

Mother of God as something already

familiar and accepted by the

faithful… Scripture portrays the

loving Mother of God, …as most

intimately united with her divine

Son, and always sharing in this destiny…

Hence, the august Mother of

God, mysteriously united from all

eternity with Jesus Christ in one

and the same decree of predestination,

immaculate in her conception,

a virgin inviolate in her divine

motherhood, the whole hearted

companion of the divine Redeemer

who won complete victory over sin

and its consequences, gained at last

the supreme crown of her privileges

- to be preserved immune from the

corruption of the tomb, and like her

Son, when death had been conquered,

to be carried up body and

soul to the exalted glory of heaven,

there to sit in splendor at the right

hand of her Son, the immortal King

of the ages.”

Praise God we have such a wonderful

Savior in Christ and a glorious

Mother to intercede to him for us!

With God’s grace, let us fully

choose to follow Jesus and his

Mother into our eternal destiny –


Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Thomas McCabe


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